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April 4th, 2014

tires buckner kyWould you ride around town without your seat belt on? Would you start a trip with your gas light on? Would you drive in a thunderstorm with no windshield wipers? The logical answer to these vehicle safety questions is no. Some safety precautions are easier to identify than others, but could the safety features you do not consider every day be the most significant? Tires are one of the most important safety features of your vehicle, yet they are not always considered as such.

Having the proper tread on your tires is the only way to take preventative action against hydroplaning and losing control of your vehicle on slick terrain. The knowledgeable staff at K&G Tire Pros understands the importance of tire safety and encourages all customers to stop in and learn more about when tire maintenance should be performed and signs of when your tires might need servicing.

Family owned and operated, K&G Tire Pros is proud to serve the Buckner, KY area. Offering the largest selection of tires and highest quality in services, no matter the budget or specification K&G Tire Pros can satisfy any request. Let their trained technicians show you why they are the most reliable and trusted tire professionals.

Booking appointments is easier than ever with online scheduling available any time, from any location. Get up to $80 off by mail in rebate when you purchase a set of four Goodyear or Dunlap tires, see this and all other promotions under the coupons tab of the website.  

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